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Different personalities can do different things, some can do magic, others can be
a living calculator or some people have the ability to foresee the future
better known as the "SIXTH SENSE". These abilities are called talents.

Talents come to us naturally. It is within us. We just don't know, but it is there...
All we have to do is to be observant and develop that hidden power.

Part of that development is acquiring new skills, knowledge and bigger challenges
that can test our brains abilities to the limits. Somewhere in this process,
we stumble on new experiences, some of which are beneficial and makes us better men.

One of that best opportunities is learning HTML WEB DESIGN,
courtesy of (OWWA), Overseas Workers Welfare Association with the help
of our beloved Head Trainor, Eng'r Milo Torres.

Having said that we have hidden talents within us, we strongly believe that our
"SIXTH SENSE" points to only one direction...


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